My School Memories (2) | Peter Munton

My School memories (2)| Peter Munton

The American Connection 

A few American servicemen based in Alconbury lived with their families in Finedon and the children went to school in the area.

    My first memory was a boy called George ? who lived in High Street opposite the Infants school. These houses were a long terrace which ran from Rose Hill to the Conservative club, these were Backed by similar houses in Well Street, in-between these two rows, in their back gardens ran the town brook, down a very steep garden.

    George was popular, as he had many tales of his world travels, something we could not dream of at the time. Annual holidays for most of us were to Blackpool Skegness or some other English resort.  My memory being as it is I can only remember one of Georges world wide destinations and that was Hong Kong, Jack Wells thought is was very funny to ask George at least twice a day were he lived before he came to Finedon, George would answer Hong Kong to which Jack would reply where’s that car? .

    Georges family introduced a new concept into the school. Parental involvement, Georges mother and father were regular visitors and they were always planning school events, which we all enjoyed The most memorable of these was the Christmas party, just before they left for some other exotic destination. An enormous Christmas cracker was brought into the classroom, when I say enormous I mean ENORMOUS, about 6 ft. (2 meters) long, filled with gifts hats and games to play.

    I can remember another family who lived in Rock Rd. Probably they were the previous occupants of the house that Rose and her family lived in, My brother John was friends with this family  and he often brought me with him on his visits. This house was just like you would see on the television at the time, they owed things that to us ordinary mortals were luxuries, modern furniture, a bigger television, but mostly in the kitchen, a big fridge, deep freeze, electric cooker coffee percolator

The American connection enriched our lives and made us aware how much is out there and made me determined to see as much as I could.

    If any of these families who lived with us for a while read this  please make contact, and tell us of your memories of Finedon.

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Peter Munton


Peter Munton