Poem by | Miss Rose Richardson

The Following is an Extract from
the Parish Magazine (August 2003)

The poem below was written by Miss Rose Richardson many years ago and given to Mrs Winnie Stanley.

Aunty Rose, as Miss Richardson was known, was a faithful member of our Church and a Sunday School teacher. It would be interesting to hear from readers their memories of the shops mentioned in the poem below, none of which now exist under the same name.

For example; does anyone remember where Piggots shop was situated and what it sold besides lace?

What memories go through my head?

As I lie on my little bed

When I went shopping in the street

Many dear old friends I would greet.

First to Piggots for some lace,

Then carried on at a great pace,

I would go to Dingys for peaches

Call for chips at Gregory Leaches

India China a shop so clean

Sold rolled bacon oh so lean.

Pat Talbot has some wicked ways

Opened up her shop on Sundays.

Go to Yeates for some cakes,

Then to Warners to see them bake loaves

Some long and cottage too.

On to visit Ernie Lowe

Crossed the road to Struggles for pills

These were sure to cure all ills.

Dawson and Pope a very select shop

When a hat I required I was sure to hop

Sheltons a wonderful shop on the bridge

Sold fresh ham that had never seen a fridge

Bensons was my last port of call

Even now I so often recall

All the goodies there displayed

To find no money left

So back to my home I quickly went

There to find my greatest treasure

A happy home to give me pleasure.

Miss Rose Richardson

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Peter Munton


Peter Munton